Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My vision of future

Predictions are funny to read when they time comes.
So let's entertain future readers.

First of all, robots will be everywhere. Robots will be in your home, every day, every hour, and we will be addicted to them as we addicted to mobile phones nowadays.
Robots will build roads, drive cars, make food, plant trees, change geographic and geopolitical landscapes, change our lives.

Who don't believe me - ask your mom/dad/grandma what was their favorite game on mobile phones in their childhood.

Mobile phones, smart watches and TV - they are not as powerful as robots, so the are not as interesting. Real robots are the real game-changers!

As a programmer, I think about how it will work inside. And I think robots of the future will be programmed in Rust, or in languages, built on the ideas of Rust - safe and realtime-fast code, without exceptions. When you programming robot for something like eye-surgery, unhandled exception will be a very, very undesirable thing.

All of them will need to communicate - I hope we will have free satellite internet everywhere in the future. And communication apps (inside robots) will be written also in Rust (I do know other languages, no worries) or in more high-level languages - they have a right to be reloaded in case of failure, so non-military robots, I think, will use some high-level languages for communication apps. But not for robot's brains and bodies.

Video games and wearable devices will be much more smarter and it will change how people will educate, communicate, love and entertain each other.
Kids will not need schools, because one device can bring them virtual, but almost real classroom, with interactive lessons from best teachers in the world - just some work of teacher, some artificial intelligence, some virtual reality and - voila.

On the server side, languages like Go and Dart will shine. Maybe not exactly Golang and Dart which we know nowadays, but some forms of evolution from them, maybe with some ideas merged from other languages. I think Dart already now is better than NodeJS on the server-side (and even more friendly for beginners), so I don't include NodeJS in my list. And, because of the cosmic irony, maybe Node/io/whatever/JS will be the server-side language of the future :)

And if satellites will be main source of the internet, then best place for data-centers will be Earth's orbit. Free energy, lowest latency (to satellites), robots serves servers... Awesome!

We also will work a lot on the artificial intelligence, and languages like R, Wolfram Mathematica and some new, of course, will help us there. AI will be our hope to save our lives, and even make us immortal. Possible side-effect - total annihilation of humanity, but... who cares when immortality is the aim? :)

When we finally build very small computers, as small and tiny as hairs, it will change a lot of things and this future is so different, I can't even imagine (or don't dare to write).
Small computers and almost-free electricity will change not only our planet... And it's where my fantasies becomes dreams :)

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