Monday, January 14, 2013

Connect to guest OS via SSH in VMWare Player

In VirtualBox it was long and difficult quest just to connect from host OS to guest OS.
In VMWare Player (5.0.1) it's unbelievable simple:

  1. switch network adapter to bridge;
  2. reboot;
  3. run "ifconfig" command in terminal and get "inet addr" of "eth0".

That's all - use this IP to connect via ssh (I use Putty in my Windows 8).
Also you can use it in browser (if some web-server is installed on guest).

All this info is very simple and looks pretty noobish, but I hope it will be useful for somebody :)


  1. when i try to ssh it says network error connection refused

  2. Hi,

    i have two guest OS's in vm . how to connect them through putty (ssh)

  3. no connection :(